China's high speed rail menu updated

2016-05-31 16:53:22 People's Daily Online

Passengers on China's high speed rail now have more food and beverage options to fit their diverse needs and budget.

China Railway has added 100 kinds of new catering products to its original menu, on which 300 kinds of food and beverages are currently being served on high speed rail throughout the country.

Recently, a dish called "rè gān miàn" (热干面) on Wuhan Railway Bureau's new menu has gained much popularity among passengers. Wuhan is famous for the dish "re gan mian", which literally means "hot dry noodles" that are served with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame paste, pickled vegetables, chopped garlic chives and chili oil.

Each box of instant "re gan mian" noodles only costs ¥10. And another affordable yet very high quality food should be the ¥12 baozi set menu, which includes two steamed buns with pork fillings, a yogurt box and an egg. The baozi set menu is the most popular choice on the train, said Conductor She Guibao, who works on G516 train commuting from Wuhan to Beijing West.

The Qingdao High speed Railway Bureau also launched catering services for group meals. Clients can make reservations for group meals through its official social media account on Wechat.



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